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Motorcycle riders love our area of Virginia because of the many great back country roads that provide incredible scenery, low traffic and varied riding experiences.   There are open spaces to open up the throttle, tight winding curves to test your skills, and sweeping vistas to enjoy the rush. We are also near the Blue Ridge Parkway with its many great long range views of Virginia and North Carolina that you can enjoy as you cruise this famous scenic road.

Since we are riders ourselves, we can show you where to go for any type of ride that you are looking for. Whether it’s a steep winding climb up to the Parkway, a winding descent down from Squirrel Spur, or a long, straight road to open the throttle , we know where it is!    Take a quiet,  peaceful backroad to bask in the beautiful scenery.   We will point you in the right direction, or we might make a day of it and beg to go along on our bikes~  


 We can tell you where to find gas, the best places for great food along your travels, the famous named rides and the “unknown” rides that  only the locals know about.!  We offer the amenities you need to enjoy your trip. At the end of your day’s rides, you can relax and unwind on our farm, take a dip in our private pool, lay in a hammock in the shade or sit back in a rocking chair on our covered porch and talk about your experiences of the day.  The best biker stories are told by the campfire under the stars and we love to share them with you! You can  also sleep peacefully knowing that your bike is in a safe place indoors!


For those riders looking for an inexpensive lodging option, we offer our “Cattle View Camper Experience“ with very affordable rates for up to 4 riders. This is a great way to enjoy Wolf Creek Farm and the outdoor night experience. All of our amenities of the farm are available for guests who choose Cattle View!

We invite you to base your motorcycle trip from our centrally located private retreat. Come and enjoy the many great rides, the great food and the exceptional nights of endless stars and outdoor relaxation.

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